Non-Senate University Committees

  • Academic Affairs Budget Advisory Committee (AABAC)
    The Committee serves the Provost in an advisory capacity on matters regrding the amount, structure, and distribuiton of the budget of the Office of Academic Affairs.
  • Academic Council on International Programs (ACIP)
    The Council is the advisory body to the CSU Chancellor's Office on CSU System-wide International (Study Abroad) programs.
  • Administrative Review Committee (CAR)
    The Committee assists the President in review of the administrative performace of senior level administrators evaluated on a five-year cycle. The goal is to assist administrators to maintain or improve their effectiveness.
  • Alcohol Advisory Council
    The Council is responsible for reviewing and providing recommendations to the Univeristy on the development and enforcement of campus alcohol and drug-related policies.
  • Anthony J. and Soula Leones Scholarship Committee
    The Committee reviews applications for, and selects the scholarship recipients.  The Scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to students who are disadvantaged due to their socioeconomic and educational background.
  • ASI Appellate Council
    The Council facilitates appeals that are submitted based off the Elections Complaint Committee. The Council makes the final ruling on the situation at hand.
  • ASI Board - Faculty Representative
    The faculty representative is involved with the Faculty Senate and their agenda.  The faculty member works alongside the ASI Board of Directors serving as an advisor and mentor; and also works closely with the Vice President of Academic Affairs in regards to the knowledge he/she possesses about Faculty Senate legislation.
  • ASI Elections Complaint Committee
    The Committee hears and rules on complaints regarding violations to the ASI Elections code.
  • ATI Steering Committee
    The Committee advises the Vice President and Chief Information Officer on Accessible Technoloyg Initiatives for Sacramento State with particular focus on ATI priorities: web accessibility, instructional materials accessibility and accessible electronic and information technology procurement. The Committee also facilitates liaison to other stakeholder groups with an interest and role in accessible technology issues, such as University Committee for Persons with Disabiliies, the Faculty Senate, Academic Affairs, the Hornet Bookstore and other groups.
  • Campus Educational Equity Committee (CEEC)
    The Committee reviews and provides recommendations on Educational Equity programs and activities within the University.  The Committee also considers new direcitions and ways to improve the qualitative strength of Educational Equity efforts.
  • Campus Physical Planning Committee
  • Campus Safety and Environmental Health Committee
  • Capitol Public Radio Board of Directors
  • Committee on Internationalization
    The Committee is responsible for reviewing existing processes and practices, identifying internationalization initiatives, determining resource requirements, and setting priorities. The Committee will also prepare and submit an annual report to the President, Provost, and Faculty Senate each fall.
  • Diversity Awards Committee
    The Committee developes guidelines for graduate and professional development programs; coordinates the inplementation of the various diversity programs; recommends participants or proposals; and evaluates the program's effectiveness, making recommendations to the Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies.
  • Grade Appeals Panels
    Grade Appeal Panels review and render decisions on grade appeals submitted by students each semester in which they are disputing a previous semester's course grade.
  • Grade Appeals Procedural Appeal Board
    The Board determines questions of violation of the Grade Appeal Process in the final decisions made by the Grade Appeal Panels, brought forward by either a student or instructor invloved in a grade appeal.
  • Graduate Council
    The Counil serves the Dean of Graduate Studies in an advisory, though not policy making, capacity on matters regarding the recommendation and implementation of principles, policies, and procedures affecting graduate and post-baccalaureate education at California State Univeristy, Sacramento.  The Council also provides a forum for communication among coordinators of graduate and post-baccalaureate programs at departmental, college, or univeristy wide levels.
  • Honorary Degrees Committee
    The Committee reviews recommendations of persons nominated to receive a honorary degree and assists in the development and compilatation of materials in support of nominatins to be forwarded to the President.
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB)
    The Board is a body of faculty and staff who review human subject research proposals to ensure they adhere to ethical principles and federal regulations for the protection of human research participants.
  • Institutional Scholarship Committee
    The Committee reviews scholarship applications and selects recipients for the Institutional Scholarships administed through the Financial Aid Office.
  • Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) Committee
    The Committee acts as the advising body to the President for the Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) student fee allocation. The IRA fees are paid by students to provide support for essential educational experiences and activities that aid and supplement the fundamental educational mission of the University.
  • Intercollegiate Athletic Advisory Committee (IAAC)
    The Committee provides guidance to the President on all matters of policy related to Intercollegiate Athletics, with particular reference to the academic and personal well-being of student athletes and the accountability of the Athletic Department to the educational values, mission, and goals of the Sacramento State Campus.  The Committee also serves as a resource for the campus community regaridng matters pertaining to instructional contral and compliance with NCAA legislations, financial integrity, facilities, gender equity, and non-discimination and diversity.
  • Centers for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) Advisory Council
  • Parent Advisory Council for the ASI Children's Center (PAC)
  • Professional Leave Committee
    The Committee reviews sabbatical applications.and makes recommendations to the President. 
  • Sacramento State Alumni Association - Board of Directors
    The Board is a group of alumni volunteers who lead the organization in its service to Sacramento State and its alumni. The Board's mission is to connect, engage and celerate alumni, students and friends of Sacramento State while building lifelong relationships that support the future of the University.
  • Student Fee Advisory Committee
    The Committee reviews Category II and III fee proposals, and the annual audit of all fees.  The Committee evaluates all existing fees anually, provides a detailed review of selected fees for possible consolidation or elimination.
  • Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)
    The Committee advises the Executive Director of Student Health and Counseling Services and the Vice President for Student Affairs on helath-related issues from a student's perspective, covering such topics as accessibility, hours of operation, scope of services, student fees, quality of care, and satisfaciton.  SHAC serves as the voice between the students and administration to ensure the health concerns of students are being addressed.
  • Student Housing Advisory Committee
    The Committee developes a comprehensive student housing proposal and process for each student housing project, including reports and materials, which will facilitate the movement of projects throuogh the campus and Chancellor's Ofifce approval process. The Committee, in collaboration with stakeholders, will serve as the core committee on all projects that require approval by the CSU Housing Proposal Review Committee and the Chancellor's Office.  The committee is dormant when there are no new campus housing projects.
  • Transportation Advisory Committee
    The Committee addresses issues related to campus transportation matters.  The Committee makes recommendations to the Vice Preisident for Administraiton/CFO on issues related to parking, traffic managemenet, shuttle services and alternative transportation.
  • University Budget Advisory Committee (UBAC)
    The Committee serves as the main advisory group on budgetary matters for the General Operating Fund. 
  • University Committee for Persons with Disabilities (UCPD)
    The Committee advises the University, through the Provost and Vice President for Academic Afairs, in achieving its mission to reflect the diverse characteristics of the region with regards to employees and students with disabilities, to foster in all campus members a sense of inclusiveness, respect for human differenes, and concern for others, and to encourage the participation of individuals with disabilities in all aspects of University life.
  • University Enterprises, Inc. (UEI) Board of Directors
    University Enterprises, Inc. is the business arm of the University.  It provides legacy services for students and for the campus community; and developes and nurtures projects and progams that further the vision and values of the insitution.  The Board oversees and guides University Enterprises, Inc. in fulfilling its mission to California State University, Sacramento. 
  • University Enterprises, Inc. (UEI) Bookstore Advisory Group
  • University Sustainability Committee
    The Committee assesses current sustainability practices for incorporation of best technology; recommends new methods/techniques for incorporating sustainability into operational activities and facilities design; partners with the community we serve; and identifies and tracks critical performance indicators to keep sustainability practices and strategies on course.
  • University Union Well Inc. Board of Directors
    The Board ensures that the organization accomplishes its mission and remains financially viable.  The Board focuses on developing and implementing broad-based organizational policies, such as the organizaiton's strategic agenda, operating budgets and long-range financial plan.  The Board also monitors the organization's performance and directs corrective actions when necessary.
  • Well Advisory Group
    The WELl is part of the Union WELL, Inc. non-profit 501c3 auxilaiary organiztion that supports the Sacramento State community.  The Advisory Group recommends policies, strategic prioriteis, and an operational budge to the Union WELL, Inc. Board of Directors.  The Advisory Group also provides feedback and guidance to WELL staff as it pertains to overall operations.